Pomme is a Dutch clothing brand, hidden in an apple orchard, that designs personalized unisex clothing for children under 9 and a few bigger items. We must tickle ourselves sometimes, right?
With mature colors, the most beautiful materials, sustainably produced and always a wink.

Life is so serious already, dance your socks away. PICK IT | STITCH IT | LOVE IT!

Starting my own brand. With many years of experience in retail, I’ve dreamed of this for a while. These dreams became more and more clear and when I shared my ideas with my cousin Carlijn, the last piece fell into place, setting this brand apart from the many children’s clothing brands. The competition is fierce and starting a shop in this day and age is quite challenging. Strangely enough, now now feels like the right time to start a new brand. People want to live more sustainably, make conscious choices, and give more attention to each other and themselves. This all comes together at Pomme.

Because we start from scratch, we do everything with the knowledge of today. We simply consider it self-evident that we use sustainable fabrics. That we choose producers who work under good conditions. That we do not go along with the rhythm of the traditional fashion industry, but opt ​​for collections that are timeless and can be worn all year round. We focus mainly on children, so we must lead by example.

Carlijn helps with the design of the collections and has a lot of experience in building brands. The clothing is designed in the Netherlands and produced in Portugal. The swaddles and pacifier cloths, among other things, are even made in our own atelier, just like the personalization. Isn’t it so much more fun, and actually more normal, that this simply comes from the Netherlands! Customers can easily choose what they want to put on the clothing, accessories, and swaddles via the website. The name, icons, or text. This way everyone creates a unique garment. For yourself or as a gift. All colors of the clothing and yarn match beautifully and are unisex. We can't wait to see people wearing Pomme! 




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