S T O R Y

    Treasure your small things in style!

    Collecting sentimental knick-knacks and souvenirs is something that will never go out of style, but the dusty coffee mugs you keep them in most certainly do. Whatever you’re collecting; jewelry, old love letters, your kid’s milk teeth, festival tickets or shells from far flung beaches - save your treasures in style with the Treasure Tin!

    Your Treasure Tin comes with a soft foam base to keep your precious memories safe from dents and damage, a woven elastic band and a small gift / treasure tracking card.

    Color Combos
    1. Blush x white band with splashes of black
    2. White x black band with splashes of white
    3. Cloudy (gradient) blue x electric blue band

    Treasure Tin x Tooth Fairy
    Keepsake your child's milk teeth in style in a Treasure Tin! Contact us for the printable Treasure Tin Tooth Tracker. Our treat! 


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