Billes & Co.'s marble sets are real treasure boxes. The marbles are all selected and then arranged by hand. As well as being a beautiful object, this collection of marbles will help your child's development: from helping them acquire an aesthetic vocabulary, to being able to sort and order their thoughts, and improving their motor skills.

Children have been playing with marbles since time immemorial. Their enchanting texture, sound and patterns have entered into children’s games from Ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire and beyond. The ubiquity of these little glass balls inspired Manu and Claire to create Billes & Co, a French brand that presents marbles in a new and unique way. The marbles are sourced from all over the world in myriad colours and arranged thematically into boxes corresponding to different “universes”. Each Billes & Co. box of marbles is a work of art in itself, hand painted by Manu in their French workshop. The marble boxes are made with all natural and recycled materials, presenting an eco-friendly toy that will inspire children’s imagination and develop their motor skills. If you’re looking for kids’ toys, these Billes & Co. boxes are the perfect gift for children as well as a unique home décor piece.



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